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This small sea town covers a territory of only 1 square km. It is the smallest municipality in Europe. The town is still that of Middle Ages and it is very well kept: narrow streets with vaults and arches, all covered in a white mantle of lime.

Atrani is situated between the sea and the high cliffs, on the narrow valley del Dragone, at the feet of Civita mount and Aureo mount that divides it from Amalfi. Atrani is really picturesque with its small beach that the fishing lights leave during the night to go fishing, thus lighting the sea in a very charming way.

The beauty of Atrani, with alleys, arches, small squares and the typical "scalinatelle" (small staircases), is represented by the small beach surrounded by the tangle of the houses. This small town is like a crib, especially during the night with all the lights.

The most interesting monument is San Salvatore de Birecto Church together with Santa Maria Maddalena Church.

Stefania Maffeo


L'argine fiorito, Atrani

Due to enchanting landscape and to its geographical position, near to tourist routes of grat interest yet far from the jam of people frequently seen in Amalfi or Positano during the periods of greatest affluance, Atrani is one of the most attractive centres of the Devine Amalfitan Coast.It's in this fascinating atmosphere that was created the " Argine Fiorito", an accommodation facility obtained from the rests of an old pasta factory constructed almost astride the Dragon Torrent, where during the XVII and XVIII centuries the "maccaronari" produced, using particular machines called "ingiegni", the famous "pasta of the coast"...



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